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STOP Athlete's Foot In It's Tracks! - Quick, easy recipe to get relief now!

Athlete’s Foot; it can happen to anyone...

In the midst of fall clean up and snow shoveling; sweaty socks, wet shoes…ugh! Can it be?! No! That awful itching that just won’t stop! The dreaded Athlete’s Foot! Believe it or not, Athlete’s foot is pretty common and you are not alone in your quest to heal this awful disorder! You pretty well know when you have Athlete’s foot. It is red, scaling and/or blistering rash on the soles of your feet, in between your toes and itches to no end! Athlete’s foot disorder is caused by a fungus. This fungus grows on the top layers of skin in the wet places of the foot. It can definitely spread, so be sure to never walk barefoot in a contaminate area or touch the infected toes of another person! If untreated, the rash can become very infectious. Remember that not all rashes and skin problems are Athlete’s foot and it is important to see your doctor. If you have had Athlete’s foot before or you think you think you may have it starting up now, then Essential oils with anti-fungal properties can help you with this. Follow my helpful tricks below to ease this pain and itching. For more questions please contact our practitioner via email at the bottom of the page or in Contact Us section of the website, at You can also find products available on our online store if you prefer! Good Luck!

Disclosure –

The following foot treatment is a helpful hint and treatment plan intended for the use of Athlete’s Foot for those who have known ailment and are under the care of a physician or has been seen by a practitioner. The oils should be taken seriously and not shared with children. This is a teen/adult treatment only. Should you decide to take advantage of our helpful hint for Athlete’s foot, you will assume responsibility for your own actions and choices. Enchanted Wildwood Healing Arts Oasis does not guarantee results and cannot predict your particular skin type. The blend and treatment plan listed below is good for generally all skin types. Be aware of your allergies and try a small area of skin with the blend mixed with water first before you put both feet in the water. Use good judgement and common sense about how hot you want your water. We are here to help you if you prefer to shop online and use a blend from the practitioner. Try this at your own risk.

Athlete’s Foot Treatment Foot Bath

Fill a large tub or basin with warm water. (Be sure you can fit both feet in the basin and water is not scalding. Please use good judgement in the care of your feet).


10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

7 drops Lavender Essential Oil

8 drops Geranium Essential Oil

1 drop Peppermint Essential Oil

2 tsp Raw Honey

1/2 cup Epson Salt or (my favorite - Himalayan Salt)

Mix the above blend well. Add this blend to the warm water you have prepared and mix thoroughly. Dip a clean cloth into the water and place it on your forearm for a few moments. If you have no redness or reaction, then feel free to put your feet into water. Soak your feet for at least 15 minutes. When you are done soaking, pat dry, do not wipe dry and do not rinse. Discard unused water. Do not use again.

Part of treating athlete’s foot is also treating the whole problem. Once you are done drying from your soak, put clean socks on. It is preferred that you use white socks to avoid dye from the socks contacting the affected skin. Remember to keep your feet clean and dry. Change your socks and shoes often. Always wear clean socks and try to wear shoes that breathe. When you come home from a long day, use the above blend and soak your feet, pat them dry and retire to a pair of flip flops or clean dry socks. Do not put shoes on. Relax and rest your feet. Remember to say thank you to yourself for taking time to heal and refresh your feet and thank your higher powers for the gift of healing and nurturing. Do this once daily for 4-7 days. Your feet with thank you. Do not use in conjunction with foot powders and other treatments, as this may dry your skin out and cause your feet to become raw and irritated. Corn Starch may used during the day on clean dry feet before you put clean dry socks on. There are other products on the “Marketplace” Page of our Website that you can use while using the foot soak that can assist you with your healing process and quick relief.

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