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I am ... Trisha Fowler

I am the proud owner and operator of Enchanted Wildwood Healing Arts Oasis, LLC. It has been my dream to see myself in a position of loving care and support for others. I love to sing, paint and draw. I love to help people and see them do well. I am a devoted wife and mother of 5 beautiful children. I pride myself in family, love and the work I do. I have the loving support of my wonderful husband who has helped me work through many struggles and trials during my climb to the top of this mountain. I work hard in my practice and I continue to  learn and study as much as I can about The Holistic Arts and all the world around me. I am constantly educating myself and always in school.  My passion is to serve and provide as many resources as I can to others. I have seen and been part of many things in my life. Many of you would be surprised at just how much we are alike. I have experienced many challenges in life and stared fear in the face. We all have our own personal stories and I can say that most stories out there resonate deeply with me, as I have been through so many trials and challenges. I have seen and felt physical, emotional and spiritual pain. I have learned ways to cope with these challenges and bring myself a sense of peace and wholeness and overcome my battles, becoming the empowered woman I am today. I want to share this ability with others and help them find the balance in the light and the darkness, so that they may also find the beauty of empowerment and wellness, through love and genuine self-care! To bring others healing and wellness, I graduated from Southwest Healing Arts Institute as an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner and earned my Diploma to practice the art of healing and Holistic Health Care. I have been studying for several years now in the holistic health field, looking for ways to help people naturally. I worked hard to maintain a 4.0 GPA and keep up with my studies, so that I may offer the highest quality of care I am capable of. I am currently able to offer the experience and knowledge of a combined 25 plus years in holistic art and practice of the natural craft. These modalities cover a wide variety of natural healing such as: hypnotherapy for various ailments such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes, such as; pain management, coping strength, weight management, smoking cessation, mental blocks, writers block, fear and phobia and much more! I also offer auriculotherapy for pain management and emotional support, aromatherapy, guided meditation services, life coaching, spiritual coaching, ceremony, ritual and ministry work, toe reading, sound therapy, and much more. I am inspired by the stories, the strength and the courage I see in the people I work with. I am honored to work with such wonderful individuals. I will continue to strive to bring love and light to all those around me, one step at a time. My journey in life involves aspects of mystery and divinity.  I hold the highest respect toward all faith traditions and paths of spirituality, individuality, and sexuality. I live by a code of ethics which prohibits racism, judgment or any other kind of discrimination. I am faithful to myself and those I work with. I am not a shy person, and if you let me, I will spill my light, love and energy into your life, bringing you peace and understanding. I was put on this earth to serve, love and nurture the people. My journey has begun and I am proud to share it with you. Blessings dear ones  ~ Trisha R. Fowler

As Your Practitioner, and Owner of Enchanted Wildwood's...

        I will inspire, nurture, encourage, educate and serve to awaken and preserve full body, mind and spiritual growth and healing. I will strive to improve and reclaim the quality of life for all human kind. It is my mission to nourish the body, mind and spirit of those seeking my care. Through love, compassion and  nurturing; I want to oversee the growth of all the beautiful people I work with. I want to be the inspiration they need to find wholeness and empowerment. I am a caregiver, thru and thru; loving, compassionate, devoted and hard working. I am on a mission to educate; helping others see the potential they hold inside and activate self-awareness, stirring emotions and energy within the body, mind and spirit. I want to help you find the ability to bring each emotion, sense and energy source within, come to life and buzz with electricity so your healing and further growth can begin. I want to help you see and learn how we can restore your mind, body and spirit to what was once your personal best! I am on a mission to love, nurture, teach and heal; rescuing the human being and the universe as a whole, so that we may claim our oneness and wholeness in connection with the Divine, with the Universe, and with each other. 

My Mission

       I am on a mission to love, nurture, teach and restore goodness in the hearts of mankind. It is my calling to heal the body, mind and spirit through Holistic Care; rescuing the human being and the universe as a whole, so that we may claim our oneness and wholeness in connection with the Divine, with the Universe, and with each other. 

My Philosophy

      It is my belief that Holistic Medicine, (also sometimes referred to as Alternative Medicine or Integrative Healing Arts), is a form of healing that incorporates the entire being; body, mind, spirit and emotion. I believe that this form of healing is an all-inclusive way to bring optimal wellness into the lives of human beings. This practice of healing creates balance in our lives; in the physical, spiritual and emotional sense. Integrative Healing looks at the person as a whole being, seeing the person’s value from the inside out. Healing is something all people can achieve. We have healing powers within us and sometimes we just need guidance to help us bring this healing to fruition.  I believe Holistic care and healing is an art; an art of listening, loving, accepting, treating, creating a balance between light and dark, educating and promoting self-care and wellness to create awareness and awaken the being within, emulating powerful light, living the dream and finding wholeness. creating a balance between light and dark

                                                                           How and Why We Began...

         As we begin our journey, we start in our small sanctuary hidden on 11 acres of the quiet woods in Sterling, CT. Our small community is starting with one practitioner and growing in relationship with many more. Since she was very small, Trisha had a very deep and special connection with the forests, people and animals. It has always been her dream to someday have a cottage in the woods where people would come to her and seek help and healing. Never did she dream that it would start in a small sanctuary tucked away to get started in her quest to be a practitioner of the light.  If you ask her where she gets these wild ideas, she will just laugh and tell you, “A little bird told me I needed to do something, so this is what I came up with”. Trisha is guided by the spirit of the Divine to bring hope and good to all those that surround her. Truly it seems as if the woods are enchanted if you should have the opportunity to walk the trails with Trisha. The birds and butterflies come out to feed from her hands. The dragonflies come and land on her fingers and in her hair. You can see the wonders of creation as you witness the chatter and whisper of the talking trees and whispering pines. It is truly magical. There is something about the woods that brings healing inside.  Unafraid to step out and face the world; she brings 30 plus years of a combination of the craft, natural gifts and holistic experience to those that seek it. She rekindles relationships, restores health and wellness, rebuilds strength and rejuvenates the well-being of mankind through love and compassion. Trisha's goal is to reconnect mankind with themselves, each other, the universe and the Divine (for those who are open to this kind of healing). This is why Enchanted Wildwood Healing Arts Oasis needed to be created. A place to bring people to be heard, a place for healing, love, teaching, and rejuvenation was needed.

As Enchanted Wildwood Healing Arts Oasis grows, Holistic Modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Aromatherapy, Toe Reading, Auriculotherapy and Intuitive Reading, Reiki, Sound Therapy, and much more. Enchanted Wildwood Guardians gather even now as we speak. 

Enchanted Wildwood Healing Arts Oasis is pleased to include you all as we establish our very special Oasis and bring you peace and everlasting joy and comfort, supporting you and your families as you go through the circles of the seasons of your life. Blessings dear ones and welcome to the journey! Ours has just begun!


             This year, I celebrate 16 years of being a survivor of ovarian cancer. Thank you so much to my family and friends for being so supportive! On March 23, 2004, I underwent total abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and staging for a Stage IA Granulosa cell tumor. There were no resources at that time and no organizations to speak with. I made a promise from that day that I would advocate for women to help educate and bring awareness. It is my passion to educate and bring awareness to ovarian cancer and raising awareness. CT Women of Hope is making a difference in communicating, reaching out, educating, and providing financial assistance. Volunteering is important to me because you get closer to people, and you make new acquaintances. My self confidence has increased by getting more involved. It is important to give others hope because they realize there are people out there who will help them out. It brings back their faith and it enables them to draw strength from their inner-self. Knowing that I do something good brings an emotional uplifting that keeps me positive.

I love bringing hope and happiness to people and a good laugh to see them smile. I am a survivor; one of many and proud to stand strong for myself and others. For more information, questions or concerns you have, please feel free to reach out by clicking the butterfly icon below! 

I am...Joanne Nesbitt

The first member of our Cancer Support Team is not only a survivor, but my mother! I am so proud of her! Her strength of character and determination not only helped her to defeat cancer, but showed her the need for information and support for other women in Connecticut with Ovarian cancer. This drove her to begin a wonderful non-profit organization to support these beautiful women and their families here in Connecticut; CT Women of HOPE. Enchanted Wildwood Healing Arts Oasis LLC is proud to present Mrs. Joanne Nesbitt

                                                                                I am...Ruth Ogley

“Feel the difference the milk makes” -Ruth Ogley


                I am a hard-working mother and wife. I have a few hobbies I enjoy very much. I successfully completed my studies at Johnson & Wales University. I work as the Assistant Vice President of Corporate Tax at Citizen Financial Group. My true passion lies behind barn doors! I have worked hard for many years, loving and nurturing my farm alongside my husband. We built our farm literally from the ground up and with my driving passion for my goats, I was able to open Meadow Hill Farm CT. In 2011, hard work and perseverance opened the doors of Meadow Hill Farm CT! A small farm in Sterling, Connecticut, we have provided years of remarkable service, customer care and quality soap products with aspirations to do more in the future.

                Maintaining excellent health and loving care is the key to quality soap! Only the freshest goat’s milk is used, and this fresh goat's milk comes right from our own herd! Fresh is best in the process of soap making here at Meadow Hill Farm CT. This ensures the highest quality and the full benefit of goat’s milk in every bar.

                “Our goats are well cared for and loved. We breed once a year and allow it to happen naturally. All babies are raised by their moms. When the babies are at least three months old, we start taking some of the milk to use for our soap. We only take what we need and stop milking three months before breeding season so their bodies can recover.” -Ruth Ogley

                I look forward to a bright future on my farm and the continued growth of my farm store. Be sure to check out my website and Facebook site! We ship and our natural product is just right for you! Log on today! Just click the Meadow Hill Farm CT Goat link at the bottom of this page!


Another member of our Natural Skin Care Team is a local farmer! I am so proud of her! Her strength of character and determination not only transformed her into the woman she is today, but empowered her to be the proud business owner she is! 

Enchanted Wildwood Healing Arts Oasis LLC is proud to present Ruth Ogley!

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