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SKIN CARE FOR MOMS - Is Skin Care Really Only Skin Deep?

Picture this:

You’re in the bathroom; one hand on the door knob, (for protection from the fierce children), and one foot up on the bathroom counter stretched across the room, as you attempt to shave. Squished between your ear and your shoulder, you are balancing your cell phone, and blowing kisses; telling your partner to have a good day as you hang up the phone. Your bathrobe is falling open and your teenage daughter is pounding on the door, screaming to let her in because she has a pimple and she needs to fix it before school. Your four-year-old son is hollering that he needs to go potty now. Just as you let the door knob go, the dog busts through the door and everyone comes flooding into the bathroom! Your cell phone goes flying in the air, shaving cream everywhere, kids pushing and shoving; now your late and your day hasn’t even started. What skin care regimen are you going to attempt with a morning like this?! Your thinking…skip it. Do it this afternoon! Perfect, right?

Except; you get a phone call from the school that your son has a frog in his pants and he is waiting for you in the principal’s office. Your daughter came home crying because the “ugly pimple caused a break up between her and her boyfriend and now her life will never be the same”. Your cell phone rings and when you think you can catch your breath because it’s your husband’s name that pops up on the screen, he says, “I’m sorry honey, I know it’s last minute, but the boss and his wife are coming for dinner tonight! So, what are you making?” At this point what can a mom do but scream? Well no, of course we can’t scream. That isn’t logical and appropriate behavior for a mom. Nor is it socially acceptable behavior. Blah Blah Blah. So, what can we do and what the heck does this kind of day have to do with your skin care?

The proof is in the body, mind and spirit! Skin care is deeper than just the skin. Consider the deeper levels of the body. All parts of the body are affected by our everyday events. Our everyday events can be anything such as:

- Stress

- Driving

- People

- Food and Diet

- Exercise

- Cooking

- Shopping

- Work

- Nail biting and so much more.

Things you already know you should do and have heard over and over but probably ignore:

- Drink plenty of water

- Follow a healthy diet, consisting of good balanced meals, veggies and fruits

- Avoid sugar

- Avoid caffeine

- Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption

- Exercise regularly

- An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Okay, I had to throw that last one in there. Come on, you know you rolled your eyes…Let’s get into some stuff you probably don’t really think to be part of a skincare regimen. This is where it gets interesting:

A big part of your skin care regimen should be how you manage stress. Now, I know you are probably saying to yourself, “yeah, yeah, another body, mind, spirit guru telling me to breathe”, right? Well, I am going to tell you about the benefits of breathing, however, I am also going to share with you some helpful tips that you can add to your skin care regimen any time the of the day, anywhere you want, without lathering, slathering and gooping tons of cream, gel and junk all over your body. I will teach you a few easy steps to achieve a great skincare regimen and leave you with peace of mind and only 2 simple topical treatments to use, instead of tons of night time, day time, stressful time, bedtime and the many more types of creams and other topical treatments you are probably using now. My topical treatments are part of the skincare regimen and they are 100% pure, natural and therapeutic grade creams. They are easy to obtain from my website. Be sure to use the code from this article to get your free sample today! Learn more below:

- Breathing

If the story above resonates with you at all, then you understand the hectic, (maybe not so theatric), life of a mom. Understanding that our stress levels affect every aspect of our body, from hair, skin, cells and other organs, as well as our spiritual being, take a moment now to just breathe. Seriously, just take a second and breathe as deeply as you can. Did you yawn? I bet you did! I did! When taking in such a deep breath, one comes to realize how much stress sits in their shoulders and back! Just taking a few deep breaths really helps our mind refocus and relax, helping control stress. Deep breathing gives the brain, nerves, glands and organs of the body both inside and out, the oxygen it depends on, not only for survival, but for balance of carbon dioxide too. Regular deep breathing practices improve circulation in the body, from deep within all the way to the skin’s surface. Improvement in one’s circulation means healthier and more beautiful skin at any age! Meditation is an excellent way to improve our breathing skills. For more information about the benefits of breathing and meditation be sure to visit my website.

- Focus Factor

Sometimes it can be so difficult to think positive when we are facing so many negative things in our day. So many people tell each other to think more optimistic and things will get better. Well my friend, this is in fact true. Focusing on positivity and positive outcomes can make things better. I’m not saying you must run around like Mary Poppins and pull a solution out of your magic bag with every problem you face. I am saying, take time to focus on the positives of your day and less time on the negatives. Take a few minutes before bed to write at least three things down that you saw to be uplifting, positive or just “plain old good” in your day. In fact, start a journal today and at the top of your first page right Attitude for Gratitude and then write three positive things from your day. Every day, add to this “Gratitude” section of your journal. What does this have to do with skin care? Positive attitude means better mental and emotional health, which means good physical health is on the way. Part of physical health is beautiful healthy skin. Are you with me? Awesome! You rock! For more information about journal writing and creativity, and time management to do these things, check out more about Life Coaching on my website and book a free consultation today!

- Affection and


You got it lover girl! Affection and love making is another wonderful part of your skincare regimen! Not only does the sweating and natural oils from your hot love making soften your skin, but the orgasm sends an amazing signal of comfort, relaxation, and glorious euphoria through your body, which will give you a natural high and make you sleep shortly after, promoting rest, (also good for your skin). You see, we have these hormones within the brain that give us certain feelings and emotions which in turn promote that youthful beauty we all want to hang onto so badly. These hormones are called endorphins. The endorphins are a natural opiate that create a euphoric feeling, or a high feeling; a feeling of “aaahhhh”. When we get this release of satisfaction and contentment, we then create a relaxed state of mind and happiness. This reaction signals the brain with happiness and the “feel good” endorphins continue to send out the signal of contentment and the cycle continues. As we talked about earlier, feeling good and being positive promotes good emotional and mental health, which promotes spiritual well-being and good physical health, thereby, creating great skin health! So, go ahead, share a laugh, a snuggle, spend time in peace, calmness, sexual pleasure with your partner, nourishing not only your body, but your soul, which ultimately nourishes your skin. To learn more about releasing fears, doubts, and emotions that may hold you back from happiness, check out our website and look for information about Hypnotherapy. Nothing should stand in the way of your happiness; your skin needs happiness. Book a free consultation today.

- Natural Topical Care

Natural topical care is a major plus to skincare. When we think of skin care and we look at ourselves in the mirror, we are quick to judge and quick to find those wrinkles and dry spots. Therefor we have to find the cream or lotion that says it works instantly! We spend a lot of money on all sorts of products, soaks, washes and creams. We put all sorts of chemicals on our wonderful skin in the hopes that we will get that youthful glow back again. Truth be told, we are stressing ourselves out over nonsense. Good skincare starts from the inside out. I could go on and on writing a huge list of things you could do, but you know what you need to do. We all know what we need to do. Just add my few little helpful hints above and watch your life change before your eyes. As for topical treatments, stop the chemical madness! Your body doesn’t deserve harsh chemical treatments. Try using natural essential oils and herbs on your skin. Essential Oils are safe for all skin types, you just have to be careful which oils are being used. These precious oils come from plants and they have wonderful healing properties. I ask that you take this part of my blog very seriously and truly take some time to visit my website and read the information about Essential Oils FAQ. Everything you need to know, want to know and should know will be there. When you receive your samples, take a bath and immerse your beautiful skin in warm water and essential oils. Pat yourself dry and apply the 100% natural cream to your skin while your pores are open. Then feel free to say a loving affirmation about your greatness and take a little catnap. Your skin will love you for this! Go to my website, visit the “contact us” page and enter the code FREESKINBLOG1 in the email message and get your free sample today!

Your Personal Skincare Regimen

As part of your usual morning wake up routine add:

~ Before you get out of bed, smile, breathe deeply for a few minutes.

~ Say your morning prayers and affirmation. For example: “Today, I am in control and I love the life I have been given. I am beautiful and I am full of passion.”

~ Lean over and kiss your partner passionately. If you don’t have a partner then find your kids and jump on them and tickle them so you are all laughing as hard as you can be.

~ Eat a nutritious breakfast

~ Think positive and if you have time for some exercise, then squeeze that in too!

As part of your afternoon / evening routine, add:

~ Take a brisk walk to get the blood flowing and circulation going!

~ Drink a cup of tea and prepare a bath

~ Take a soothing essential oils bath and complete with Wildwood’s Skincare Cream

~ Enjoy some meditation or deep breathing and then take a catnap

~ Before bed, be sure to write in your Attitude of Gratitude Journal and add three positive things from your day

~ Make love to your partner. If you don’t have a partner, then do self-massage with lavender essential oil and jojoba oil on your abdomen, legs, arms and chest and relax with a good book when you are done to get the endorphins flowing!

That’s A Wrap!

Isn’t it interesting how we can take just a few moments in our day to help our skin? Just take a five-minute break here and there during your day to breath and relax. Take deep cleansing breaths, breathing in happy and positive thoughts and blowing out negativity and tension. Remember to focus on the positives in your day. No matter how crappy our day is, there has to be something good in it, even if it was the gorgeous butterfly that flew by and kissed your nose as you were stepping outside to go to the car. Keep love and affection in your day, every day! The endorphin's released from the feel-good emotions of affection and love making promote health and wellness! Each of these simple steps promote emotional, mental and spiritual health, which help to promote great physical health! This will ultimately promote youthful skin and help you obtain that youthful glow starting from the inside out! Feeling good, sexy, beautiful and fun loving is the key ingredient to confidence. Confidence is a key ingredient to skincare! Skincare is not just skin deep!

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